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Virtual 12-Step Meetings

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic we have created this resource to connect people in recovery. We offer online support groups to anyone in need of fellowship. While we are not formally associated with Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, our meetings are based on 12-step principles and traditions.

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Two meetings daily:

Starting 4/6/20

6am PST -


5pm PST -
Big Book

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Two meetings daily:

Starting 4/6/20

7am PST -

6pm PST -

Just For Today

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Two meetings daily:


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Help Us Help You,

and many others.

We rely on the 7th Tradition to pay our costs

"We are self-supporting through our own contributions. The contributions help to cover our expenses." While we do not have physical rent to pay there are other costs and contributions, such as:

  • Website hosting & maintenance

  • Online meeting software

  • Literature giveaways

  • SLE Sponsorships

  • Narcan donations


Donations in Action

Featured Causes

CLEAN Cause supports recovery in America by creating a sustainable source of funding for recovery efforts. Our giveback initiative coined “CLEAN Kickstarts” are 30-day sober living scholarships in high-accountability homes intended to afford individuals fresh out of rehab the opportunity to focus on finding a job and establishing a recovery support system.

Get Naloxone Now  advocates for widespread access to overdose education and training in how to administer naloxone, the life-saving antidote for opioid overdose. Get Naloxone Now seeks to increase the number of lives saved by bystanders and professional first responders

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